DHF Airport Systems AB is now DHF Airport Solutions AB

In December 2022, ADF Airport Systems AB, completed the asset acquisition of DHF Airport Systems AB. As a result of the acquisition, ADF in January 2023, changed its name to DHF Airport Solutions AB.

DHF Airport Systems became recognized in the airport industry for its disruptive fault detection software, AFDS – Airport Fault Detection System. The company, established in Sweden, had representative offices in New Delhi, India and Seattle, USA. The takeover means that DHF Airport Solutions AB is pursuing the goal of rolling out AFDS to a majority of the world's 100 largest airports. 

AFDS can collaborate with any OEM’s system and with a variety of airport systems such as air traffic control systems including airfield lighting, baggage handling systems, airport security systems, GSE and HVAC.


Ideon Science Park in Lund, Sweden